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Han Kook Tapes Sdn Bhd was established in 1999 by a group of Professional Principal from KOREAN & joint venture with MALAYSIAN.

We are more than 20 years experience in all kinds of adhesive tapes, specialized in high temperature resistant electrical & electronics insulating material, FPBC material, Semiconductor Tapes, Total EMC Components and high quality heat thermal products. We have obtained LMW Licence in year 2004, our market has rapidly expanded from Malaysia to the ASEAN countries and rest of the world. ( Overall export market share more than 80% )

We supply all ranges of adhesive tapes, insulation material, labels & foil & FPCB for all industries (Mainly import from Korea). We are specialist in cutting, slitting and laminating with all kinds of Insulation material.

OPP Tape

Floor Tape


Bublle Roll & Bag

Stretch Film

Invisible Tape

Glow In The Dark Tape

Reflective Tape

Paper Gum Tape

Reinforce Paper Gum Tape

Cloth Tape


MG Paper

Sticky Roller

Sticky Mat

Polyethylene Super Tack Cleanroom Tape

Polyethylene Low Adhesion Cleanroom Tape

PET Anti-Static Tape

PE Core

ESD Packaging Tape

ESD Floor Tape

Anti Static Tape

Teflon Tape

Polyimide Tape

Polyester Tape 204

Polyester Tape (Silicone Adhesive)

PET Double Side Tape (Free Silicone Liner/Paper Liner)

Pen Electrical Insulating Tape

Nomex Tape 241

Holding Tape

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